---Worship and Technical Operations Directorate

The worship and Technical Operations directorate, helps create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Ministering in songs, drama and operating cameras, video and sound equipment to support the word of God presented on stage.
  • Choir Ministry

The Music Ministry of HOP, it serves as an avenue to glorify God and express our love and service to God because He is worthy of our very best through the leading and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The HOP choir ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through edifying songs, and encouraging believers in their walk with Christ and developing disciples for Christ, as a family-focused ministry.

  • Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry is for the Glory of God. This ministry attracts members that have the desires to understand the Word of God in a form other than written or verbal, This ministry links spiritual gifts, professional training, natural skills and creative abilities together, all for the Glory of God. The Ministry uses plays, music, dance and drama to communicate the power of the scripture in compelling and special ways. It is a fun way of teaching our children scriptures. This ministry cut across all the church groups. Drama ministry can help the hearing-impaired members to learn about God. Ministering through drama adds a visual dimension that engages our senses of sight and hearing into action. The Drama Ministry is used for evangelizing to believers as well as the unbeliever

  • Sound Equipment Ministry

The Sound & Equipment Ministry consists of dedicated and trained technical personnel who serve as a part of the overall worship team, their main purpose is to utilize their technical abilities on the sound system to enhance the overall output sound quality for speakers, vocalists and instrumentalists, for each service, special programs and rehearsals

  • Videography Ministry

The mission of the Videography ministry is to broaden the reach of God’s Word, by capturing, archiving, and live to the stream of the church activities, through sound and video.