---University Education Grant (UEG)

In order to encourage the Christian virtues of excellent academic achievement, hard work, and sound moral growth and development of the Teenagers and the young men and women of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (“RCCG”), House of Praise Parish (“RCCG, HOP”), Calgary (the “Church”), and of other Bible believing churches outside of Calgary, the following Educational Assistance (EA) Grants have now been approved by the Church Council for fresh undergraduate degree students:
  • Who May Apply:
Current High School seniors, fresh college/university students or any eligible member of the Church newly admitted  into a full-time degree program in an accredited University or an accredited  Polytechnic or an accredited degree-awarding institution in Canada, or any other country. Grant application should be submitted only if an applicant will be enrolled in the next academic year.
  • How to Apply:
By Submission of a completed application form and a copy of an admission letter to the Educational Assistance Grants* committee of the Church
  • When To Apply:
February 1st through July 31st each year.
  • Eligible Courses:
All admissions to study a major course are eligible.
  • How much could you receive: 
CD$500.00 – 2000.00** applied towards the tuition for the  successful applicants.
*   This can only be awarded once per student in his/her lifetime.
** The final amount is subject to the Church Council’s approval.
  •  Eligibility Requirements:
An Applicant for UEG must:
  1. be a registered member of the Church with 70% yearly attendance in regular church programs as confirmed by the minister in charge of the teenage group, or
  2. have parent(s) or guardian(s) who is or are registered, tithe paying member(s) of the Church with an average of 65% yearly attendance evidenced by church financial records;
  3. have by distinct academic merit, obtained an admission into an accredited University or an accredited Polytechnic to study a two-year or more undergraduate degree program, as a full time student; and
  4. provide his or her admission letter for verification with the application for the
  • Apply
Download and fill the form if eligibility is met. All forms must be submitted to the Administrative office before the deadline date.