---Communications Directorate


Communications Directorate exists to build an online community for those who are tuning in from afar and want to stay plugged in to all that’s happening here at House Of Praise, Calgary. Engaging and connecting both members and non-members by using different digital media outlets.

  • Social Media Ministry

It is estimated that by 2019, there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. As we have been commanded to go into the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, the social media ministry gives us the opportunity to reach the world right where they spend quite a lot of their time- the internet and social media. This ministry thrives on social interaction yet it can be used to serve the spiritual purpose of spreading the gospel to the unreached and edifying the body of Christ as a whole.

House of Praise has active social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram which are dependent on association, engagement, interaction and communication by members and online followers which drive the purpose above.

Due to its social nature, our ministry is non-parochial or rigid in nature to allow for inspired and varied methods of reaching and engaging our online audience which consists of different age groups.

As most members of this team already play many active roles presently in church, all communication and correspondence are done online/ virtually.

  • Web & Network Management Ministry

RCCG HOP’s website is the first impression given to someone looking for a new church community and how it’s viewed is as important as ever. From the home page, all the way into the different ministries, the media archive and contact pages, the Web & Network Management Ministry use the church’s website to communicate exactly what RCCG HOP is about. The Web & Network Management ministry manages the technical aspects of RCCG HOP’s website to ensure all functionality is working correctly and is consistent throughout the website. Offering an attractive and functional website that will bring visitors to Church Programs eager to serve to God. Contributing to the overall growth of the church by providing accurate and up-to-date content and information. Helping in building church community; communicating with members and newcomers through the website. Providing an on-the-go access to biblical teachings and resources for spiritual growth to both new and existing converts.

  • Publications Ministry

Publications ministry generally focuses on an individualized field such as video announcement production, short sermon clips with corporation from social media, graphic design, and web design teams in new media. Organization and attention to details are critical in this position. The role involves the collection of various digital assets and media files, content compilation, encoding/uploading files to YouTube for accessibility, creating playlists and overall pre-recorded video management. Individuals working with the publication will focus on new media skills such as Internet marketing, editing knowledge, video production in order to encourage believers in their walk with Christ and develop disciples for Christ, as a family-focused ministry.