---Men Of Valor


In a fast changing and confusing place for so many men, RCCG House of Praise Calgary, Alberta vision is to support the overall vision of RCCG Mission and specifically, to engage Men and their families in kingdom business while impacting life. An utmost desire to reaching out to families, offering Godly counsel in finding joyful relationship and friendships in our church and a blessing to our immediate community. Aims & Objectives

  • To help men grow in the fullness of Christ as we seek to know Him together.
  • Empower members of the fellowship economically through lectures, seminars, retreats, debates and other forms of communications and teachings.
  • To serve the welfare of all members by providing a forum for fellowship among Christian men in House of Praise.
  • To serve as a trusted platform for the mobilization of membership and to provide opportunities to build relationships.
  • To encourage men to be exemplary Christian leaders at home in the church and in the communities.To cultivate among the members, love and respect for one another and the human race.

MOV Program Schedule.

  • Men monthly meetings: every 3rd Saturday of months 5 – 7pm at the church main auditorium
  • Annual special vigil for men; time when quest minister lead men in prayers
  • Men Annual Soccer Events: In the summer months, men engage in outdoor soccer, playing series of friendly games with other churches and organized team in our communities. You are encourage to join us
  • Mothers’ day; Men come together to celebrate mothers and wives.
  • MOV North America Conference meeting; An annual program pack with power of God, transforming ideas to keep men inform about business, health
  • HOP MOV WhatsApp group – daily sharing of ideas and helpful information among men,new families who just relocated to our church and community are assisted.

If you’re interested in pursuing your passion while at the same time building meaningful relationships with other men from Faith Bible Church, please contact the HOP MOV Fellowship President, Bro John Ajedegba for details: john.ajedegba@yahoo.ca