---Mission Directorate

The sole purpose of the Mission Directorate is to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone by every effective means possible. The Mission Directorate oversees both the Evangelism and Community Outreach Ministries.
  • Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Team seeks to vigorously promote a sense of commitment and responsibility among members of the House of Praise to publicly and personally share the good news of the gospel with the lost. It is important to bear in mind that Evangelism is about reaching out with the gospel in order to persuade the lost to believe in Jesus Christ. Successful Evangelism is completely dependent upon the Holy Spirit working in our lives to effectively communicate the gospel. This requires spiritual discipline driven by a Christ centered life full of compassion, love and a desire for saved souls. In order to achieve this, the group seeks to instill a culture of Evangelism within the church beyond the restricted confines of programmed activities.

  • Community Outreach Ministry

The Community Outreach Ministry was set up in answer to the Lord’s Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19, 20. The command to go to the nations or people groups deserves a wholehearted and dedicated response if the gospel is to reach the lost. They will not come to Jesus on their own accord. An intermediary is required; one that bears the good news and serves as the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ. The outreach ministry is well designed to meet that demand. The group seeks to extend acts of kindness to those in need, hope for those incarcerated, cheer to the shut-ins and warning to the carefree. Herein lies an opportunity to offer God’s expressed love through his church.