---Legacy Directorate

The Legacy Directorate focuses on creating opportunities for senior adults and men to come together for fellowship and support.
  • Seniors Forum Ministry

This ministry consists of matured men and women with vast experiences in life. In both Old and the New Testament, the word “Elder” indicates one of advanced age and experience (Titus 1:9). They should be grounded in the Word of God, caring, nurturing, and extending love to members and guest. Men and Women who are willing to stand in the gap for the church, members and nations. It is also a ministry that constitutes of people across departments, who are will to share their experiences in other to assist the young. They recognize that life is all about Godly relationship and caring for our young one by virtuous living and counselling the generations for posterity. They reach out and support each other in love, counselling and encouraging each other and church as the need may arise. They are caregivers and they render support to the young and families

  • Men of Valor Ministry

This is a ministry where men take up their mantle as specified in the Bible, doing their part in growing the church of Christ. Men that are Christ-centric are men who lead their homes and families as directed by Christ. They mentor the younger men by leading by example and winning them to Christ. The assist the church in any way they can through financial contributions. They encourage, counsel and pray for each other as brothers in Christ. Most importantly arrange events and conferences where pertinent men issues and challenges are discussed and solutions proffered.