---Kingdom Jewels

RCCG KINGDOM JEWELS(JESUS WOMEN EMPOWERING LIVES) is a community of women,passionate about Loving ,Empowering , Supporting each other  and living out God’s purposes for our life. Consisting of  Young,Old, Married and Single women. it creates environments to foster conversations and relationships.

We gather together in love hubs on the 3rd Saturday of every other month,  These Love Hubs  are intimate avenues for encouragement,praying supporting and having fun together. We also have larger corporate meeting every third Saturday quarterly.

We would love to have you  join us!
2019 KIngdom Jewels Program Schedule
January 19TH (4-PM)– First Kingdom Jewels EXCO meeting for the year
February 16th  (4-6 PM)– Women’s Love Hub  meeting
March 16th (4-6 PM)– Women’s Community Service tagged .
April 26th to 28th  – Women 3 days Prayer Retreat
June 15th; Father’s Day Celebration at RCCG HOP on June 16th
July 20th  (4-6 PM)– Women’s Love Hub  meeting
August 17th (4-6 PM)–  Women’s picnic at the Park
September 21th  (4-6 PM)–Prayer/bible study meeting (Quarterly meeting)
October 20th  –(4-6 PM)– Women’s Love Hub  meeting
November 16th  – Kingdom Jewels End of year thanksgiving meeting/Presentation of Annual Financial Report
December  1  – Women’s end of year Thanksgiving.