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House Of Praise, Calgary is a place where our doors are always open, where you can experience the love of God through every individual and family you meet. With a strong sense of community, you are sure to find hope in whatever situation you are in.
We are one big family, and we love you have decided to spend some time getting to know us. Come join in what is happening at House Of Praise, Calgary!
Depending on what service you decide to attend, each service is unique. We start our Sunday Services with a praise and worship session, listen to teachings from the Bible and close with an offering. Our services typically last for 90 minutes, with Sunday School right after the first service(before the second service).
First timers are always welcomed in a special way and are usually asked to move forward and then ushered by a minister for a special welcome treat.
We want you to feel comfortable. You can choose to come in casuals or your Sunday best. Hey! Like we said it’s whatever makes you comfortable. But we never compromise on our praise garment and dancing shoes, you sure don’t want to leave those at home. No matter how you dress we are thrilled you decided to join us.
At House Of Praise, Calgary, there are different age-appropriate classes where your child(ren) can learn about God. You don’t have to worry about their safety and comfort while you worship in the main auditorium. To find out more please visit the Next Generation page.
Upon arrival, please check in your kids at the KidCheck registration table. Safety is essential, and so each child will need to be checked-in and only parents/guardians with the proper identification will be able to pick up registered kids. A Diaper changing space is provided in the women’s restroom.
When you want to get involved beyond our weekend services, we have something for everyone.You can find out more about different groups you can participate in, click the Small Group link.
We hold two services every Sunday. Our 1st service-Fresh Dew Service starts at 9:00am and 2nd service-Celebration Service starts at 11:00 am. Our Sunday school holds between both services. We ask you to join us in prayer and support in giving as we look forward moving to the new auditorium at 5 Redstone Height NE, Calgary.To find out more about the new auditorium click here.
When next you are in town we would love you to join us for any of our services. Check out our service times below.


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