---Heritage Directorate


Heritage Directorate is focused on shaping the next generation through the Children and Teenage ministries by engaging them in Biblical Teachings, stories, team activities, targeted programs to help them build their faith.

  • Children Ministry

This ministry is a very important arm of the church. It is very important to reach the children while young with the gospel of Christ. Training them to become responsible children of God, most importantly prepare them for the Great Commission. Children are the heritage from Heaven as clearly indicated by the Bible, as custodians, it is imperative that we prepare and nurture to be great children of the Kingdom (Joel 2; 1-11). Children are the future, training them to be able to take up the future mantel and appreciating their talents and gifts, will prepare them for their destinies. It is important to have children of all ages in every part of Church life as they have a valuable and important contribution to make.

  • Teenagers Ministry

This ministry believes in calling of children. (Joel 2:28). The ministry prepares teenagers by encouraging them to deepen their walks with Christ. The ministry understands that our children and young ones are born for signs and wonders and it is the duty of Parent and church to prepare them for their destinies. No limits should be put on our teenagers in these last days. Remember that the ministry is not just something trivial and leisure pursuit. We know that our children are in serious spiritual battle with forces of darkness. If we do not stand strong in our faith, you will not stand at all (Isaiah 7:9). Studying the word of God is a very essential part of this ministry. In this impressionable age, it is easy to buy into lies. The ministry encourages teenagers to grow in the talents God has given to them and to grow in their gifts. This ministry is also a forum where teenagers are prepared for evangelism.