---Fountain Directorate

The Fountain Directorate exists to make all visitors, guests and members feel welcome to House Of Praise.
The directorate works specifically to extend a hand of love to newcomers and new converts enabling them to connect, grow  and serve within the household of faith.
  • Follow-Up & Integration Ministry
The Follow-Up Ministry ensures that of newcomers and converts as well as those re-dedicating their lives are fully integrated into the church system. What makes those visitors come back a second time?. We have realized that follow-up is one of the biggest determining factors in the continued attendance of new church members. Simply put, people are much more likely to return when they’ve connected on a personal level.
  • Welcome & Retention Ministry

The Welcome and Retention Ministry is always at hand during services to ensure that newcomers are given a warm welcome when they come to church. The ministry creates an atmosphere, to let newcomers know we appreciate their visit to our church, and appreciate a return if they do not have a permanent place of worship or whenever they are in town if visiting from afar.