---Chrysalis Youth Ministry

The Chrysalis Youth is a group of young, passionate and kind youths (ages 12-18) living out God’s purpose for their lives. Under the leadership of their ministry leaders, they gather every Sunday in the Youth Auditorium where they serve and listen to the word of God. Check out other ways to join the Chrysalis Youth Ministry below:
Weekly Happenings
First Friday of every month                    6:00pm-9:00pm.   *Teens Night
Mondays -Sundays (except Tuesdays) 9:00pm-9:30pm.  *Daily Teens Conference
Sundays                                                     10:15am-11:00am  *Teens Sunday School
Last Wednesday of every month           8:30pm-9:00pm   *Parents of Teens teleconference prayer                                                                                                       meeting (403-768-3883)
2019 Program Schedule
March 1, 2019   Special Quarter Teens Church Service
May 16-May 19, 2019 Teen Camp