---Administrative and Financial  Operations Directorate


The Administrative and Financial Operations directorate helps in the running and success of all church programs, managing both financial and non-financial resources of House Of Praise. They also oversee the management of the church affairs as well as preparation of worship experiences.

  • Administration Ministry

Administration ministry is mirrored through the organization of all the church ministries, their operations and effectiveness in gospel outreach and church development in line with the vision of the church. The overall focus is premised inefficient use of the church resources that magnify Christ to the glory of God.

  • Events & Program Management Ministry

Events & Program Ministry is the face of the Church and the entire church ministries for coordination and success of church programs that promote the gospel of our Lord Jesus and develop believers to bring glory to God

  • Finance Ministry

Finance Ministry overall objective is; fulfilling the financial policy mandated by RCCG – HOP as a church through the church board of trustees, keeping the financial records with accuracy, integrity and utmost confidentiality and providing the board of trustees with regular up-to-date financial statements.

  • Career & Business Development Ministry

Career & business Ministry overall objective is; empowering believers in career and business in using their God-given potentials to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives in other to promote healthy and purpose-driven body of Christ.